Project:Welfare, Masculinity And Social Innovation
Institution:The Work research Institute, Oslo
Project Contact:Steen Baagoe Nielsen
E-mail address:
The project is part of a 3-year (2002-2004) Nordic Welfare Research. The project has 8 paid participants plus 2 associated members. Project manager: Øystein Gullvåg Holter, The Work Research Institute, Oslo, Norway.
The project objective is to develop knowledge of employed fathers' innovative strategies in the family and the workplace to create gender equality at home. The sub studies examine how fathers use the different, yet unique possibilities in the welfare systems of the five Nordic countries in order to create balanced parenting and balance in the relation between work and home. Each sub study focuses on possibilities and barriers in the five countries' welfare and gender equality policies. Nordic seminars and conferences and the organisation of the project as a network ensure comparing of fathers' strategies between the countries in order to clarify best practices at the political and individual level.
The project will increase knowledge of how 'gender changes work' as well as how 'work changes gender'. A central set of hypotheses concerns gender-related innovation as an ignored resource.

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Last Modified: 06.03.2002