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Document A Revolt for Equality? On Men, Women and Gender Discrimination
Anatomy of a Passion Crime
Beatings. Turpiinvetoja
Bieber is Alive and Well and Living in Finland! 
Changed and Changing Fatherhood. Muuttunut ja muuttuva isyys
DocumentCritical Research on Men in Europe: The State of Law and Policy
DocumentCritical Studies on Men in Europe: The State of Academic Research
DocumentCritical Studies on Men in Europe: The State of Statistical Information
DocumentCritical Studies on Men in Ten European Countries: Newspaper and Media Representations
DocumentCROME: kriittistä tutkimusta miehistä Euroopassa (Critical Research on Men in Europe)
DocumentC/ New Labour and 'the problem of men'
DocumentDeveloping European-Wide Critical Studies on Men: A Theoretical, Political, Substantive and Practical Review
DocumentDiscussion Paper for Örebro
DocumentFinnish Men's Movement and Research on Gender: a Possibility for Change? Suomalainen miestutkimus ja -liike: muutoksen mahdollisuus?
Hard Masculinity of the Harbours. Satamien kova miehisyys
Homosexualism - the Myth of Selfdestruction. Homosexualitet - myten om självdestruktion 
DocumentInformation Networking on Men's Practices in Europe
L'adolescence et les inquétudes à propos de la masculinité au XIXe siècle 
Male Culture and Violence. Miehinen kulttuuri ja väkivalta
Male Roles, Masculinities and Violence. A Culture of Peace Perspective
DocumentMasculinity as Virility in Tahar Ben Jelloun's Work
DocumentMen and Gender Equality: Resistance, Responsibilities and Reaching Out
On Masculinity
Psychotropic drugs: longterm use, dependency and the gender factor
Reported Hostility and Suicidal Acts, Accidents, and Accidental Deaths: A Prospective Study of 21.443 Adults Aged 25 to 59
Reproducing Gendered Hierarchies in Everyday Work: Contradictions in an Employment Office
Save Private Perkola. Pelastakaa private Perkola, kuningasjätkä kulkureiden
DocumentSexism & Stoicism. Theorising Profeminist Strategies.
Social factors and the gender in difference in mortality
Stranger or a Real Man? Men Working in Kindergartens
The Gay and Lesbian Movement: 1897-1997
The implications of critical studies on men
The Problematic Manhood of Don Juan: the seducer and the chastity debate in Sweden 1800. Don Juans problematiska manlighet: förföraren och sedlighetsdebatten i svenskt 1800-tal
The Removal of the Sickness Label Of Homosexuality. Homoseksuaalisuuden sairausleiman poistaminen
Three Percent of Men - a Challenge to the Society
To work, though it would be unprofitable. Critical discourse analysis on the publicity of "The Page of the Unemployed" in Aamulehti. Töihin vaikka omaksi tappioksi. Aamulehden "Työttömän sivun" julkisuus kriittisen diskurssianalyysin kohteena.
Versatile Men of the Kindegartens. Is there Room for Men in the Early Childhood Education? Päiväkotien moninaiset miehet. Onko miehelle paikkaa varhaiskasvatuksessa?
Violence and Harassment Experienced by Nurses at Work. Sairaanhoitajien työssä kokema väkivalta ja häirintä
Violence that Men Direct towards Women whom they Know as the Topic of Critical Research. Miesten tuntemiinsa naisiin kohdistama väkivalta kriittisen tutkimuksen kohteena
Violence towards women in every fifth relationship. Joka viidennessä parisuhteessa naisiin kohdistuvaa väkivaltaa
Who is buying? The client of prostitution
Woman Shall Be Quiet in Local Radio. Nainen vaietkoon paikallisradiossa. 
Women, men and children's programs. Naiset, miehet ja lastenohjelmat. 
Women, men and news. Naiset, miehet ja uutiset. 
Women, Men or Persons: Sexual Violence and Gender. Naisia, miehiä vai henkilöitä: seksuaalirikokset ja sukupuoli
Work/Family Interface: Perspectives and Solutions. A Literature Review
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