Hearn, Jeff
Title:Researching Men and Researching Men´s Violences
Category:Other Publications
Published in:
Volume/Part:Research Paper no.4
Place:Research Unit on Violence, Abuse and Gender Relations, University of Bradford
Keywords:violence, research

      This paper presents a critical evaluation of men conducting critical research that focuses on men, in the light of
      theoretical/methodological, political, empirical and practical issues. The first section will consider some of these
      questions, as well as some examples of the range of types of research that might follow this kind of approach and the
      critical problems that need to be faced in different contexts and within different methodologies.

      The second section of the paper focuses on research on men who have been violent to known women. The process
      of the research will be described and key questions and difficulties that have been encountered will be explored.
      These include issues of access to men, the topic of violence, safety, confidentiality, men interviewing men, violence
      and talking about violence, and the structuring of accounts. The concluding section briefly considers the relevance of
      these specific issues for other areas of research on men.
Last Modified: 15.04.2002