Kempe Jouni (ed.)
Title:Male Views on Gender Equality
Category:Other Publications
Published in:Tasa-arvojulkaisuja
Publisher:Ministry of Social Affairs and Health: Council for Gender Equality
Place:Helsinki Finland
Type:Published works
Keywords:gender equality politics
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      In year 2000, the Council for Gender Equality published a report on men's views on gender equality. It is a reply to the task given to the men's subcommittee by the council to define the male views on equality in the work of the council itself and in the public administration. The report emphasises the diversity of masculinities and the possibility to express different but equal forms of being a man. It also gives some concrete action proposals in relation to men and childbearing, men and work, male image in culture, heteronormativity and men's diversity, fatherhood, men's movement, establishing men's meeting point, divorce, violence against women and children, men as victim of violence, social exclusion and suicides.
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