Varsa, Hannele
Title:Men in Work Life. Miehet työelämässä
Category:Other Publications
Published in:Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö. Tasa-arvojulkaisuja. Sarja C: Työraportteja
Publisher:Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö
Place:Helsinki Finland
Type:Published works
Keywords:work sexuality management professionalism
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      Pp. 5- 28 Jeff Hearn's article on "Men and gendered organisations- Patriarchies, sexualities, masculinities and managers" discusses various masculinities, sexualities and management strategies
      Pp.33- 40 Juhani Lehto's article "Does man fit to the mould of professionalism?" is about professionalism and its contradictory demands on people. On the one hand, people are required to be experts in one narrow area, and on the other hand, professionals have to understand everyday life as a whole and people's problems. Professionalism was made to suit men, but its growing demands create problems. This demand to be some kind of "combination of a professional human being and a caring human being" (p. 38) is seen more natural for women. Men would have to break the borders of formal rationality in order to avoid dropping out.
      Pp. 41- 46 Kaisa Kauppinen- Toropainen "Men working in female dominated domains". The labour markets in Finland are gender divided, and there has not been any big change in the situation since the 1970's. The only change has been, in Finland as in many other countries, women choosing male dominated occupations and not vice versa. When one belongs to a minority regarding his/her gender in the workplace, he/she is called a token (ainokainen). The position of being the token has different consequences for men and women depending also on the type work. For example, in female dominated workplaces men are usually warmly welcomed, but on the other hand they may have doubts about their sexual identity.
      Pp. 47- 62 Tuomo Alasoini "Visions of men in the workplace".
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