Tiihonen, Arto
Title:Real Men - and Sports Men. Studies on Men and Sports. Oikeita miehiƤ - ja urheilijoita. Urheilun miestutkimusta
Category:Other Publications
Published in:Jokinen, Arto: Mand and Change. Themes of Critical Studies on Men
Publisher:Tampere University Press. Vammalan Kirjapaino
Place:Vammala Finland
Type:Published works
Keywords:masculinity sport national identity
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      The article goes through the main trends in studies on men and sports. The approaches can very roughly be divided in 1) research on concrete men (sportsmen), 2) research on masculinities in sports, 3) an approach where 1 and 2 are combined. Very often man and sport have been seen as part of some third component. For example, man and sport can be part of the national identity and being Finnish. A recent example of this is the winning of the ice-hockey world championship in 1995. Men and sports can be part of class culture and the civilisation process. Tiihonen writes about the theories of Pierre Bourdieu, the Birmingham school and Norbert Elias in relation to sport and the possible difficulties when applying these concepts to the Finnish society. Man and sport can also be part of different sport cultures and philosophies. For example, different eastern judo sports have different philosophies. Man and sport are also part of the culture of success and competition. Man and sport
      are part of sport practices and techniques as well as media discourses. In Finland man and sport have often been part of life narrative -studies.
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