Ruohomäki, Harri
Title:Work of a Man. Miehen työ
Category:Other Publications
Published in:Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö. Tasa-arvojulkaisuja.
Publisher:Sosiaali- ja terveysministeriö
Place:Helsinki Finland
Type:Published works
Keywords:life stories work generations
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      The report analyses Finnish men's life stories sent to the autobiography competition in 1985, a competition which was organised by University of Helsinki and Office Worker Trade Union (Toimihenkilöliitto). The report divides the life stories loosely into three generations: those born in 1900-1925 consist the generation of war and shortage; those born in 1925- 1940 are the generation of reconstruction and social rise; those born in 1940-1960 are the generation of rapid social change, industrialisation and suburbs. The life stories are analysed in relation to work, and the three generations are named as indefatigable heroes of work, as social risers, and as self realisers and breadwinners (itsensätoteuttaja & elannonhankkija). Some comparisons to women's life stories sent to the same competition are made. Man's work is more of a report type of book and it is not really a content analysis of life stories.
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