Taipale, Ilkka
Title:Three Percent of Men - a Challenge to the Society
Published in:Taipale, Ilkka: The Power of the Mind. Psychiatric Reading. Mielen valtaa: psykiatrian lukemisto
Pages:55 - 63
Publisher:Mielenterveyden keskusliitto
Place:Helsinki Finland
Type:Published works
Keywords:mortality suicide homelessness prisoners
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      In Finland men die 8 years younger than women (average 72 years, 80 years), 80% of suicides are committed by men (3% of men die suicidally), 97% of prisoners are men and more than 90% of homeless are men. The article discusses the group of 3 % of Finnish men, who are homeless, alcoholics, prisoners, single or who are all of these. Taipale proposes concrete action in order to improve these men's situations. He makes a comparison to Sweden, where in the beginning of the 1970's, one half of Stockholm city's 6000 homeless were given an apartment, and due to this, the amount of days that the homeless spent in institutions reduced by 85%.
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