Husso, Marita
Title:Violence in Partnership Relations and the Battered Body
Category:Other Publications
Published in:Heinämaa, Sara & Näre, Sari: The Daughters of Evil. Pahan tyttäret
Pages:130 - 144
Place:Tampere Finland
Type:Published works
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      The article analyses misogynic partnership relations. In the beginning of such a relationship the man is passionate and loving and the woman starts to idealise him. When the woman has become dependent on him, he suddenly changes and starts to be threatening and to hurt her. It is typical that the man oscillates between love and hate, and this breaks the woman's self-esteem. A misogynist tries to destruct everything in a woman's life that he can not control, including the self-esteem. This is done in purpose to lessen the fear of becoming left alone. A misogynist uses different kinds of strategies to control the relationship, such as making his partner guilty, victimising and pathologising her. Näre uses the word "nursing power" (hoivavalta) to describe the power that women gain in situations where they are responsible for all the caring. A strong symbiosis between mother and son may produce in men a fear of intimacy. In a relationship that is too
      intimate, a misogynistic man might project this childhood symbiosis on to his partner. Näre also uses the concept of "economy of emotions" to describe misogyny as a societal relationship.
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