Korvajärvi, Päivi
Title:Reproducing Gendered Hierarchies in Everyday Work: Contradictions in an Employment Office
Published in:Gender, Work and Organisation
Volume/Part:5 no. 1
Pages:19 - 30
Type:Published works
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      The article is based on an ethnographic case study in an employment office and is part of a larger study of gendering practices in organisations. Korvajärvi uses the term of 'doing gender' to outline the dynamics of gender hierarchies. The term 'doing gender' includes talk and writing, movements and expressions, thoughts and interpretations, images and symbols, experiences and feelings. Korvajärvi carried out her fieldwork in the 80's and in the 90's, and the gendering practices varied a lot during this time. This is partly due to the shift in the office's general image. In the 1980's, the employment office provided customer services, and this was something that female employees wanted to do. Later, the shift to an effective and modern organisation did not need the work approach developed by women. Generally, in this employment office the gender question was not noticed or it was seen as a "metatheme". Gender hierarchies were seen as something which did not touch the employees' own
      organisation but were present in the society.
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