Lehtonen, Mikko (ed.)
Title:Wearing Adam's Costume. By Lian from Hemingway to König. Aatamin puvussa. Liaanilla Hemingwaysta Königiin.
Category:Other Publications
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Volume/Part:Publications 28
Publisher:Tampere University: Yleinen kirjallisuustiede
Type:Published works
Keywords:masculinities, popular culture
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      In the twelve articles of this book men, masculinities and representations and discourses connected to them are analysed in different cultural products. The common idea of the authors is to locate fractures in traditional masculinities and seek out possibilities of new masculinities to occur. Articles about men in popular culture include the analysis of male images in gay cartoons (article by Juha Herkman), men and hysteria in cinema (Pertti Näränen), emancipatory possibilities of Beavis and Buthead -cartoons (Virpi Blom), failure of the masculine project in TV-series Northern Exposure (Villi pohjola) (Kaarina Hazard) and the signs and construction of masculinity in sunglas-advertisements (Arto Jokinen). Under the title 'Other Man' (Toinen mies) homosexuality and race intersect in the narratives and images of masculinity in literature by James Baldwin (Mikko Tuhkanen) and in sports' publicity (Eila Rantonen). Olli Löytty analyses the story of Tarzan by as an interplay of the apeman and the gentleman in which a masculine fantasy of controlling Africa, nature and woman is constructed. The third part of the anthology consists of four articles. First F. Scott Fitzgerald's essay Crack-Up is psychoanalysed by Erkki Kylmänen as a story about man's physical and nervous breakdown. A woman's gaze is laid on David Lodge's university novel (Tarja Teva) and through Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road Juri Nummelin tries to deconstruct connections between rebelliousness and the compelling urge to travel/wander. In the last article Markku Lehtimäki analyses masculine narration and ideology in Ernest Hemingway's Killers (Tappajat). The anthology includes also an introduction to the history and frameworks of (critical) men's studies (Herkman, Jokinen & Lehtimäki).
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