Subject: Men's cultures and networks - a multidisciplinary seminar on studies on men
Location:Helsinki, Finland
Contact:Mr Jouni Varanka
Fee:Free of charge
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A Nordic seminar - Men's cultures and networks

Multidisciplinary one day research seminar in the field of critical studies on men. Friday 4th of October 2002. It will be held in Helsinki, Finland, at the university Main building, auditorium XIII, Unioninkatu 34. Organized by:
Council for equality's Men's subsection, the Council's research subsection, NIKK and Christina-Institute (wom stud. dept. Univ Helsinki).

The seminar includes theoretical points about studies on men and also some empirical snapshots. Working method is presentations followed by commentary addresses from Finnish researchers. Speakers include:

Jörgen Lorentzen - Relationship between critical studies on men and the men's movement, The history and possibilities of critical studies on men

Öystein Holter - Relationship between critical studies on men and women's studies, research in the Nordic countries compared to the mostly anglophone critical studies of men

Claes Ekenstam - Ideals of manhood and the history of men's crying

Johanna Lammi-Taskula - Fathers, parental leave and the gender order

Teemu Tallberg, Jeff Hearn and Emmi Lattu - Men and Gender Politics: Contradictory Implications of Finnish
Research On Men and Masculinities

Jeff Hearn - Epistemologies of studies on men

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There is room for the first 50 persons.

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