Subject: Masculinity, Patriarchy and Power
Location:Southampton or
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>Masculinity, Patriarchy and Power: An Interdisciplinary Conference

>United Kingdom 2004-04-05
>Hosted by the Department of History, University of Southampton,
>5-7 April 2004. The theme of masculinity now has an established
>status within popular and academic discourse, but to date there has
>been little cross-cultural and cross-period comparison to accompany
>the many detailed case studies which have been published in the last
>decade. This conference seeks to forge those comparative links, and
>invites proposals for papers addressing the conference theme from
>historical, literary, anthropological and political perspectives
>within the period 500-2000 C.E. Proposals are invited for papers of
>30 minutes on any of the conference strands:
> masculinie socialisation and childhood
> male life cycle/s
> patriarchy as an oppressive force in men's lives
> male sexuality and reproductive rights
> masculinity and material culture
> alternatives to the 'warrior male' paradigm
> virility as a quality and female masculinity
> Proposals (preferably by email, and including an abstract and a
>short CV) should be sent to Trish Skinner for pre-1700C.E. topics or
>Julie Gammon for topics post 1700C.E.
> Dr Trish Skinner or Dr Julie Gammon
> Department of History
> University of Southampton
> Highfield
> Southampton
> SO17 1BJ
> Email: or
> Visit the website at

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