Liukkonen, Marjo
Title:Anatomy of a Passion Crime
Published in:Sipilä, Jorma & Tiihonen, Arto (eds.): Constructing the Man. Deconstructing Masculinities. Miestä rakennetaan. Maskuliinisuuksia puretaan
Pages:37 - 48
Place:Tampere Finland
Type:Published works
No electronic version available.

      Liukkonen writes about the so called passion crimes and how they are represented. Even though the press in Finland is not usually as scandalous as in some other countries, the Finnish afternoon magazines may e.g. analyse the dead victim's sex life quite tediously, turnin her to be the guilty one. The offender is often seen as a tragical hero, especially if he has killed himself, too. Sympathy is often on the man's side, along the lines: "what a nice father/neighbour he was". Liukkonen argues that men do not kill women because they love them but because men despise women. Passion crimes function also as a warning to other women: sexuality, self-confidence, nagging or leaving your partner may pay you your life.

      Findings: Individual passion crimes are seen as a part of the structural violence towards women. Different institutions, like forensic medicine, facilitate its reproduction with its gender biased categories of illness.
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